The Power of Play

"Without play, no creative work has yet come to birth." - Carl Jung

Play...a natural part of our being. One of our first childhood tools used to gain an understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live. As children we felt comfortable in the realm of the imagination. We effortlessly came in and out of deep inwardly focus. We were not afraid or inhibited. We were not hindered by judgements, self confidence, or lack of ability. Play was the major part of our daily activities, a crucial aid in our growth. Something we looked forward to being immersed in as much as we could.

Unfortunately as adults we don't often make the time for play. Maybe we feel it is not something we would benefit from as an adult....maybe it's inhibition...maybe it's (fill in the blank). We throw all kinds of unnecessary reasons at why we don't continue to engage in play. The good news is that we are always capable of rekindling our creative spirit. It is merely a matter of choice and a little effort.

When we choose to fearlessly jump into the act of playing (as kids or adults), we are connecting ourselves directly to a source of our own inner power. We use play as a vehicle for learning how to adapt, problem solve, overcome blocks, express and release our most inner thoughts and feelings. Play encourages flexibility, divergent thinking It fosters our independence and feeds our self esteem.

All we need is a sense of openness so we may explore long held beliefs from a new perspective. As we lose ourselves in creative play, we invite transformation by allowing our inner worlds to emerge in it's own unique way. The voices of discouragement in our heads have been silenced. Our bodies relax as long held stress begins to subside. Our comfort zone is no longer a barrier as we seek to embrace the wisdom of new experiences. We are reclaiming our natural born right to be playful, for play is our ally, forever supporting and guiding us through the human experience.

Play - Our ally in the human experience.

How will you play today?