“Nature will always deter attempts to enclose and restrict her primal movements”

- Shaun McNiff

Water courses its way over the desert terrain finding its way deep down into the earth. The impact on the environment is directly influenced by the intensity of the flow as the water transforms obstacles and eventually carves out canyons of soul altering beauty.

Nature knows to honor her primal movements. Restrictions present the opportunity for her to make adjustments or to create another path. She chooses not to avoid, but rather embraces obstacles, caressing and shaping them with her energy as she freely passes by.

Our energy has the same power to transform obstacles as the water does. When we choose to accept difficult life situations, immerse ourselves in our reality and allow the flow of change to travel unhindered by fear or uncertainty, new perspectives emerge outside of our ideas and beliefs of who we are. Honor your primal movements. Face your obstacles with the intention of transformation. Expand. Grow. Even the deepest canyons within us are filled with beauty.

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