"Art is a wound turned into light."

-Georges Braque

Grief is a human experience we learn to fold into our lives.

Desiree D'Ambrosio Shafman


Family Portrait - 2011 (24_ x 48_) Cold
Sun Goddess - 2014 (24_ x 36_) Cold Wax

1986              Savannah College of Art and Design  BFA in Illustration 

                        Who's Who in America 1984 and 1986


1986-2019   Solo and Group Exhibitions of paintings


2001              HM in NH State Biennial


1994-2011    Public and Private school workshops in Art, Color and

                        West African Hand Drumming

1998               NH Council for the Arts Grant - Cornish,NH - Aspet, France

                        Community Mural Project. Design, Project Manage, Facilitate.


2013               Institute for the Professional Excellence in Coaching

                        CPC - Certified Professional Coach Specializing in Grief

                         and Life Transition 

                         ELI-MP - Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner


2013               Founded SoulShine Life Coaching located in Seattle, WA.

                         Life Coaching, Educator and Workshop Facilitator



I grew up in a wonderful household consisting of four generations. In addition to the family members, my grandparents were always taking in someone who was in need, be they strangers or someone we knew. All could stay as long as they wished. A couple even choosing to live with us for years.  It was an atmosphere of empathy and deep caring for others which became a natural way of being for me to the present day..

Unfortunately grief hit early in life. I was seven when I first experienced the upheaval of loss. From ages thirteen through twenty four, I lost eight more key people, one loss layered over another, over another and another...They were the people who I had always sought out for support and guidance. Having little time between to even think about healingI found myself in a state of transition. This left me in a confluence of intense negatively charged influences that tossed me around emotionally and tested my faith. I was living in a world I hardly knew. It was unpredictable and painful. I did not like it, yet, I did not know how to move through to a better place.


My identity became fragmented as each loss changed my standing in the family, my perspectives on life. I did not have the time to heal, grow or evolve. I did not have the time to follow my dreams fully before needing to take on new roles. I felt like I was living two lives. Trying to be responsible and present to family and life needs on the outside, while also battling intense grief on the inside. It was difficult to keep the two worlds from colliding.

Transitions create the opportunity to explore parts of ourselves as we redefine our identity. I could not have been in a better place for this as I was attending art school at the time. Every day was filled with creativity and avenues of expression. It was a place where I could safely release intense emotions and go beyond to the place where words no longer exist.


I became tuned in to how using different mediums helped me to heal. Throwing a pot on a wheel felt different than painting, drawing, dancing, or gardening. Each had its own qualities of guiding me through my vulnerabilities and obstacles. It was in the creative state of being where I felt safe enough to focus my energy on processing the difficult emotions so that I was able to accept and embrace my changed life. I discovered through experience, how valuable and gently powerful the Creative Process is to healing. Within it one may find the courage, focus and strength to engage in deep healing and positive inner transformation.

My past has allowed me to grow and evolve beyond any vision I could have ever imagined. It has allowed me to embody the "knowing" that can only be gained through experience. It is this "knowing" that has inspired my life's purpose which is guiding and supporting others through difficult times. I use a fusion of healing approaches that awaken the power of your natural born creativity to aid you through process of healing. Creativity is a life-long endeavor that we can all access when wanted or needed.