"The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming

is where the dance of life takes place."

- Barbara Deangelis -

Grief is a human experience we learn to fold into our lives.

Desiree D'Ambrosio Shafman


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Individual, Family and Group Coaching

Educational Lectures On Grief


This is a private session in which we explore your situation and how it is affecting different areas of your life.

We will navigate through the obstacles that are holding you back.

We will develop and use your natural strengths and explore your resources in the process of rebuilding your life

in the most authentic way possible.


- Each session is one hour long with the last fifteen minutes dedicated to re-centering and developing a plan of action        by setting achievable goals.

-  Sessions are held over phone, Skype or in person (if you are in the Seattle area).

-  Phone/ Skype Session - $110           In Person (Olympia only) - $175         Studio Fee (if applicable)   $50


Often times when families experience a loss, people find that their way of healing is

different than how other family members process and heal.

People's roles can change within the family, sometimes within society, work or financial responsibility.

Those you relied on for support in the past may be facing their own challenges and may be unable to be 

present enough to help you.

People having different needs to heal can cause stress and imbalance within the family.


My Approach  

Educate the family about the characteristics and unpredictability of Grief.

Create and hold a safe space for family members to communicate effectively.

Help family members find a balance amongst each other that honors the healing process of each person.

Develop a structure of guidance and support.


This is a one time, two and a half hour session to be held in person only. 

Travel expenses apply if located outside the Olympia area.

Cost $450



Group healing is amazingly powerful whether people are dealing with the same loss or their own personal one.

As we share our individual stories and process for dealing with bereavement, we tap into

the strength and support of the group collective.

Group healing can bridge some of the feelings of helplessness and isolation.

One of the most powerful elements within the group is a "knowing of the experience of loss."

This  'knowing" lives beyond words and has the ability to connect us on many levels, often creating life long bonds.

These connections support and nurture our healing process.


       - Group coaching is built around the specific needs of the group

       - A fusion of education, coaching and interactive activities are applied as needed

       - Cost to be determined by group size and the structure/approach of coaching best suited to your specific needs

           and desired outcome.

       - Available in the Seattle area or will travel. Travel expenses for distance coaching will be applied.

       - Client will receive a written proposal of all costs for approval prior to booking.


Public and Private Schools, Homeschool Groups, Youth Groups, Eldercare Facilities, Hospitals, Healthcare Providers,

Police and Fire Departments, Churches, Community Groups, Funeral Homes,

Bereavement Support Groups, Corporate and Private Businesses





Imbued with research and the wisdom of experience, this lecture opens up our awareness to the many

unpredictable and overwhelming characteristics of grief.


Lecture Addresses

  The Myths and beliefs about grief that can negatively affect the healing process.

The unpredictable characteristics of grief.

  What healing looks like and how it is an unique process for each individual.

 How specific emotions and triggers can challenge different aspects of your life such as your

mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

How to deal with the outside world's help, which tho well intentioned, may have a negative effect.

We will look at our tendency to resist change and how this can affect your inner peace.

We will discuss how loss changes out identity.

I will share techniques and tools to help find your balance as you rebuild your life.




       -  Lecture lasts for one hour with up to thirty minutes for questions and answers.

       -  If outside of the Seattle area, travel expenses will apply.

       - Cost for one lecture is $450

       - Materials cost to be determined if applicable.


       - If you have several groups, I can accommodate up to three lectures per day at the same location.

       - Cost for three lectures in one day is $1,200

       - Cost for lectures on multiple days at the same location to be determined.

       - Client will receive a written proposal to be approved before booking.

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