The Wheel

A Traveling Mural

Exploring the Current State of Humanity

Designed and Executed by

Desiree D'Ambrosio Shafman

Lucid Fusion Studio  Seattle, WA


Begun November 2018 - Currently In Progress.

The Wheel is my direct response to our current state of humanity. As an artist I feel it is my responsibility to record and question the events that are unfolding around us. The consistent rise of violence, inhumane behaviors and unnecessary divisions all serve to deteriorate a healthy society. This project is the result of taking my own advice in a mission to not only heal myself but to also be of support to others in my community.

The Wheel was designed with the intention of bringing awareness to critical issues, encourage discussion and to inspire unified actions towards positive change. Exhibited in a circle, viewers find themselves surrounded by a continuous composition of color, thought provoking perspectives on humanity and most importantly by each other. There is a sense of Unity when people share an experience together which can help to us to grow away from the effects of the many reasons we use as an excuse to keep us divided.

The Wheel is also designed with an accompanying interactive Artist's talk which invites viewers into a discussion on difficult issues and how they affect us as individuals, families, and as a society. Embedded within is information on the nature of grief and how the Power of the Creative Process can be used by all as a method of healing, evolving and fostering change. Especially during these times of uncertainty and unrest, I feel it is important to know that we each have the tools within us to get thru difficult life situations. Our natural born strengths and human attributes can be used to support the suffering from the trauma of tragic circumstances.

The Creative Process

is a powerful tool for communicating ideas and encouraging discussions around controversial issues

...a tool that can be used to build bridges of understanding between opposing parties

...a tool that can be used to motivate actions towards the implementation of positive change

...a tool that can be used to heal both the individual and society.


If you would like to schedule an Exhibit / Artist's Talk

Please contact to discuss your needs and for available dates, time and any applicable costs.

Available for schools, community centers, churches, temples, band performances, private and public events.

Also available for vigils, protests and fund raising events aimed at positive social change. 


* Reproduction of any images of " The Wheel" is not permitted without written consent from the Artist.

If you feel the use of an image would benefit your cause,

please contact to discuss your needs and ways that the work may be used to help.





The Panels

The Wheel consists of six separate six foot square panels designed using a method of painting called Music Transposition. The process combines dance, painting and music to create a composition that reflects the movement mood and flow of a particular piece of music. In this case, my inspiration was Yoyo Ma performing Bach suites for cello.


Within the preliminary drawing, I find figures and shapes relating to each other in such a way that I can accentuate them to convey the intention of the painting. Though the composition of the entire mural flows from one panel to the next, the messages depicted in each are all different.

I chose to explore certain subjects as a reflection of who we are as a society, as a reminder our strengths, an opportunity for the viewer to reflect on their place within certain circumstances and most importantly to peacefully bring people together regardless of our differences.

- Please note that the panels are each at a different stage of completion -



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