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Desiree D'Ambrosio Shafman


Red - 2010 (24_ x 48_) Cold Wax _ Oil.JP

"Shades of color, like those of sound, are of a much finer texture and awaken the soul's emotions too fine to be expressed in words."

- Kandinsky

Art Inquiries


Each painting shown on this site is a response to an experience of personal loss. In my struggle to navigate through grief, I turned my focus into the beginning of what has turned into over thirty years of immersing myself in the study of color theory​. It was the one thing that able to hold my focus. It was the one thing that could take my mind off the flood of emotions demanding my attention. At the time I thought, "What a beautiful distraction."


I came to realize how closely related the nature of color is to the nature of the human spirit. They pair are about the vibration of's harmony, balance, discord. Both are greatly influenced by their environment and are in constant states of change be it substantial or subtle. I use the study of color to maintain my equilibrium in tough times and transform unspeakable emotions into images thus releasing their hold over me. Color's gift has been a deeper understanding of our human experience that essentially leads me to a place of being fully aware of universal connections that foster inner peace, contentment and belonging.

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Soul Scrolls


A Soul Scroll is created by taking the numbers of the day and time of your birth and using them to influence a geometric design capturing the essence of a person's energetic nature. The two above are both of me, same numbers depicting different aspects of my being.

 - Scrolls are all hand painted by the artist.

 - Custom sizes available.Priced accordingly.

 - Materials:  100% heavyweight cotton canvas.

                        All paints and sealers are water based.

Scrolls $1,200 plus shipping.

Client will receive a sketch and a written quote for approval.


Want to make your own?  DIY options begin $250

Includes ready to hang primed blank scroll and a complete set of instructions.


Want to have some fun?

Schedule an artist guided group workshop for you and your friends.

All materials provided. Travel expenses may apply.


47th Asscencion


I had a goal to live longer than than my parents. On my 47th birthday I felt a weight lift as my goal was met My story was finally separate and ready to be written by me, about me and unattached to any loss or fear.


All the energy underneath the pain was transferred to pushing me up through the human experience of growth and self development.


We have the ability to transform ourselves much like the seed evolves into a flower.


2013 Oil  NFS

Signed Print $150 

September 11th


Upon first seeing the planes fly into the Twin Towers on the news, I became overcome by the act of violence and needless loss. The energy inside my body was flying around in so many directions I could not sit still. I had not painted this large before but my body movements needed the space to express intense feelings.


In my mind this painting is still not complete but I do not think I have the energy or desire to revisit the piece...unresolved emotions too raw to touch.



2011 $12,500 (Oil on board 4'x 8') 

Signed Print $150

Spirit Snipers


Sometimes people come into your life who choose to hijack and control your energy for their benefit regardless of the affect it may have on you.. They have a tendency to suppress and manipulate the life force of others.


Being highly empathetic can leave you vulnerable. It can be easy to find oneself entangled and not realize it until one has lost their own sense of self. This painting came about as an awakening to take back personal power.



2013 $2,400 (Oil on board 24" x 48")

Signed Print $150

Forget Me Nots - 2014 (36_ x 48_) Cold W

Forget Me Nots


Tiny, delicate, brilliant blue flowers announcing that Spring has arrived. Most of the plants are from friends who were splitting plants in their gardens as things overgrew. Some are plants passed down from generation in my family to another...walking onions and sage from my childhood gardens, hostas from my Mother's house, geraniums from my Grandmother. The people are long gone and yet as the garden matures through summer and into fall I am reminded and comforted by the reminder of those who cared for them before me.

2013 NFS

Signed Print $150

Family Portriat


Most often we experience our most important and influential relationships within our immediate family. It is where we learn how to relate, communicate, share dreams, grow, support and care for one another.

Unfortunately there are times when there is discord and imbalance between people. This can be a natural result of personal growth setting the course of family transformation. It is our responsibility to respect the process of each person so that the end result is harmony and balance of family members.

2013 NFS

Signed Print $150

Family Portrait - 2011 (24_ x 48_) Cold