Healing asks only that you be present and willing to engage

with an open mind and heart.

Gentle, Caring Guidance and Support Through Difficult Times

Desiree D'Ambrosio Shafman


A Place To Turn

Healing is an organic process and is different for each individual. 

My approach in guiding you through the grieving process both

honors and is driven by your perspectives and means of processing the world.

This is why I choose not work within a specific structured system.

It is quite natural to feel unprepared for what grief throws at you as it is not

something we tend to learn about until we experience it.


Exploring and learning how to move through difficult emotions and situations can feel overwhelming.

I will walk beside you on your journey offering guidance and support based on

both my education and personal experiences.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the upheaval of a difficult life situation,

please consider reaching out to discuss how I may be of help on your journey through healing.




Each client/coach relationship begins with a forty five minute Complimentary Informational Session.

We will discuss your situation, look at how it is affecting your life and the goals you would like to reach.

I will address your role in the partnership and what you may achieve.

I will go over what you can expect of me as a coach and the customised services I offer.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that may come up for you.

Each coaching session thereafter lasts for one hour.

Most clients choose to come once a week or once every other week for as long as needed.

You can combine phone and in person sessions if in the Seattle area (priced accordingly).

I offer email support between sessions if needed.

Should you have a pressing issue, I can be reached by phone.

The focus of each coaching session is decided by you.

I will assist you in bringing awareness to difficult situations so that you may

release painful blocks,

obtain a clear vision of your future

 I will guide and support you in making conscious healthy choices

This will help you to set and accomplish goals as you work towards your fullest potential.



         - Should we decide to work together, we can discuss terms and scheduling for your first session.

         - The initial Complimentary Session lasts for forty five minutes and is conducted over the phone.

         - To schedule your free Complimentary Information Session, please call or email.